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Our Mission

To make travel simple. All too often, planning a trip comes with an overwhelming amount of options. What airline are you flying, any layovers, where are you staying and what are you going to do? Don’t stress, we’ll take care of that. All we need you to do is go and enjoy yourself!

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Buy a tee, we'll plant a tree

As much as travel is about enriching yourself in the culture and history of new places, it also plays a major role in exposing you to the different challenges faced world-wide. With the recent rise of natural disasters, specifically wild fires, we’ve decided it’s our turn to play a part in supporting our earth. 

Don’t stress, here's how you can do your part too! TrvlMo is partnering with feedOM, the Kindness Ecosystem & the Eden Reforestation Project. For every shirt purchased a tree will be planted.

Did you know that one tree can absorb up to 20 tons of carbon monoxide a year?! Buy a tee, we'll plant a tree. It's that simple. 

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