The Essentials: 10 Items You Need For Every Trip

No matter the distance you’re traveling, or the airline you’re flying, the key is to be prepared. I’ve traveled far and wide and learned that there are some things that are crucial to having a great trip. Here are the top 10 most essential: 

Reliable luggage - I highly suggest investing in sturdy and reliable luggage. If you’re looking for where to start, Away Travel is a great place. They have some great quality suitcases for an affordable price. I travel with “The Bigger Carry-On” and it is SO spacious. I’ve used it for weekend trips as well as two weeks abroad! Made with top quality material, it has a hard shell and smooth wheels but the best part is each suitcase comes with a portable battery pack making it possible to charge your phone and other electronics while you’re on the move.

Backpack - next up, a good ole backpack. Pick wisely when it comes to a backpack because it will be your best friend! Make sure to get a durable one with plenty of compartments. It’ll help you stay organized throughout your trip, especially when you’re on the go.

Headphones - a solid pair of headphones is also very necessary! Aside from being able to block out the crying babies and chatty passengers, you'll also be able to binge watch that latest Netflix show everyone's hyped over. Invest in a good pair by getting some comfortable and Bluetooth wireless ones. And don't sleep on sound quality, it should be top notch. 

Portable Charger - It’s 2020 so you know the importance of a portable charger. It’s easy to get side tracked and forget that your battery is running low, but as long as you have a charger on hand you’ll never go with a dead electronic.

Portable Speaker - Nothing helps set the vibes like a portable speaker. I personally love the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® by Bose speaker because it’s waterproof, has a great sound quality, long battery life and is easy to attach to your backpack so that you can bring da party everywhere!

Toiletries - Aside from the common travel sized toiletries, I try to think about the stuff that a hotel or airbnb may not provide! Hand sanitizer (bye, germs), toothpaste and chapstick are at the top of that list. In close second, I keep some common meds (ibuprofen, advil, dramamine, etc.) and vitamins on me because you just never know.

Adaptors - If you are traveling outside of the US, make sure you do your research to find out what kind of electricity plugins they use. Chances are, you’ll need to get an adaptor to charge up all your devices. No worries, Amazon sells them for cheap!

Sunglasses - While this may not be an essential for some people, I am a huge advocate for a good pair of sunnies! Not only do they add some swag to my photos, but I never have to worry about the sun getting in between me and my views.

Neck pillow - If you’re like me, then you can fall asleep anywhere. However, most people struggle to do so, especially on planes. Having a neck pillow will make it easier to take that quick power nap you need before arriving to your destination. Do yourself a solid, and invest in a memory foam one. It’s worth the extra few bucks!

Snacks - I ALWAYS keep a handful of snacks on deck, especially for the longer travels. I am a hungry girl and sometimes hunger strikes in the middle of a time crunch. Don’t let hanger get ya, pack snacks and you’ll stay a happy traveler!

Our goal is to make sure that you’re always prepared for your travels. If you keep these items in mind for your next adventure, big or small, you are guaranteed a hassle-free and enjoyable experience!


by Beeketing