3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

While traveling with friends and family can make for some unforgettable moments and memories, there’s no life-changing experience like traveling solo. Yes, it can be intimidating and lonely at times, but I can promise it’s a choice you won’t regret. Traveling solo will open your eyes to a world you may not be able to capture with the company of others. You’ll appreciate all the things you see and learn to become a better version of yourself along the way. These are three reasons why everyone should travel solo at least once in their life:

Freedom: When you travel with a group, you have to worry about planning activities that will be enjoyable for all. This can lead to something that was on the top of your list being pushed to the bottom. When you travel alone, you run the game from beginning to end. You have full financial control and you don’t have to be on anyone else’s schedule. You’re free to decide what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, and how much you’re going to spend on it without getting input and opinions from anyone else. Whether that means deciding on something as simple as what you’re going to eat or something on a larger scale, like what transportation you’re going to use, it’s all up to you! 

Experience: Often times we miss so much of what a place has to offer because we are so worried making sure everyone we’re with is on the same page. We spend time looking at them and listening to what they have to say so we lose sense of being in the moment. Traveling solo filters out these distractions and lets you focus on only your surroundings. This way you’re be able to soak in the culture of the city you’re visiting and see it for all it’s worth. When you travel alone, you’re more likely to disconnect from social media because you’ll need your phone for more important things like getting around and translating languages. We all know that as hard as it may be, the trips we spend the least amount of social media time on make for the most memorable moments.

Self Growth:You’ll become a resourceful traveler and learn to use what you know in order to create an unforgettable trip for yourself. By being unable to rely on others, you’ll also be more inclined to meeting new people. Through these new friendships, you’ll step out of your comfort zone and even learn about people from all over the globe! Traveling alone is challenging and rewarding all at once. When a recommended restaurant turns out to be a disappointment or you miss your connecting train from city to city, rather than dealing with guilt from others, you can brush it off and come up with plan B on the spot. Being able to get yourself out of binds builds self-confidence and a sense of achievement.

If you’ve been battling whether or not you’re ready for a solo trip, stop making excuses for yourself and just do it. My first solo adventure was to Barcelona and everything about that experience was life-changing. However, you don’t have to travel across the world to get out of your comfort zone. Check your calendar and book a weekend getaway to a nearby state. You’ll be surprised how much a new place has to offer when you travel solo!


by Beeketing