3 Simple Tips to Surviving a Long Flight

While experiencing new places is one of my favorite things, I know that the process of getting to a destination can be a huge pain. Particularly, when it requires a flight longer than 2 hours. Between the lack of legroom and fear of a strange seatmate, long flights can be a total disaster for your mind and body if you’re not prepared. Here are some tips for making it through your next long flight! 

1. Download Something to Watch

Most streaming services allow you to download content onto your device! I usually pick a season of a show that I want to binge and ensure that it’s all been downloaded BEFORE leaving. It’s super crucial to do this prior to leaving your house, mostly for shitty wifi purposes. (don’t chance the airport wifi) Set a reminder for the day before and let your content download overnight. That way, your shows and/or movies will be ready to roll as soon as the plane takes off! 

2. Get Comfy

Invest in a good eye mask, travel pillow and lightweight blanket. We don’t all get the luxury of flying first or business class, but who says that’s the only way to be comfortable? Sleep is very important to me, especially when traveling. I always try to plan ahead and beat jet-lag when traveling long distances. Having these things on board with me really helps. I have my go-to tempurpedic eye mask and pillow, along with a lightweight blanket. I know it’s not easy for people to fall asleep on an airplane, but this combo will at least give you some much needed relaxing vibes.

3. TrEAT Yourself

For some reason or another, nothing makes time pass quite like eating. Whether you’re hungry or just bored, it helps to have some of your favorite snacks on board with you. Now, we all know airport snacks cost about a thousand dollars, so I definitely suggest bringing some from home. I like to go grab my favorites the night before and have them packed and ready. It also gives me something to look forward to on the flight! 

by Beeketing