The 3 Types of Summer Travel

Summer is just around the corner and if you haven’t already booked a vacation it’s definitely on your to-do list! When it comes to planning a summer trip, the destination options are endless. There are so many different kinds of travel out there, you just have to find what the best fit is for you. In order to make the decision a little easier - I’ve narrowed it down to 3 types of travel for the coming season: adventurous, tropical and city!


If you’re inclined to travel somewhere with a mountainous vibe or natural scenery, you’re most likely going for an adventurous kind of travel this summer. This type of travel finds the thrill in what the natural world has to offer.  Peace and (mostly) quiet is what you’re searching for, with an exciting twist of a long hike up a mountain. Physical activity during the day, and drinks and card games by night. This is a good group trip to take! Book a cabin in the woods with your closest friends and top off the trip with unforgettable views.

TravelMo Recommendation: Banff, Alberta. I can hands down say that this place has the most breathtaking views I have EVER seen! No, seriously.


Probably the most popular type of travel during the summer: beach SZN! You can’t ever go wrong with a trip to the beach. Sand below your feet, drank in yo hand, we all know how this one goes. A tropical getaway is a perfect option for just about anyone. You might be looking forward to a romantic getaway with your SO. Quality time at the spa and relaxing by the beach with a good book. Or maybe you’re craving a crazy girls/boys weekend letting loose at the swim up hotel bar and hitting the local clubs by night. The great thing about the tropics is that you make your own vibe!

TravelMo Recommendation: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. PV is on the come up as a popular Mexico destination. My advice- check out your Air Bnb options before overpaying at an all inclusive hotel!


The type of travel that doesn’t get enough credit: city travel! Do something different this summer and plan a trip to a city you’ve been wanting to check out. You’d be surprised how much the hustle and bustle has to offer. I HIGHLY recommend this kind of trip for all the foodies out there! Do research and hit up (multiple) dank restaurants a day. Rooftop bars are also extremely popular. There’s nothing like a dope ass skyline view. Find out what the locals are doing for entertainment while you’re there and join in on it. You may find yourself at a local pub crawl or festival.

TravelMo Recommendation: Chicago, Illinois. Chi-town is known for their vibrant summers. If you get a chance- rent a boat on Lake Michigan for the day!

While I definitely believe that everyone should experience every type of travel listed, the reality is that it’s not very common to be able to do them all within one summer. Choose what’s best for you this summer and the rest will follow! As always, you can let us take care of all the planning here. Until next time!
by Beeketing