4 Tips for a Successful Eurotrip

A Eurotrip is a must-do for everyone! Chances are that if you haven’t experienced one, you’re constantly thinking about it. And if you have, you’re eager to plan the next. Whether it’s taking a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam or skiing down the slopes of Switzerland, these are 4 crucial tips for having a successful Eurotrip.

1. Preparation

Get prepared. Something so simple yet I can’t stress it enough! Once you’ve pre-booked all your trains, flights and tours, print them out. As mentioned before, it is likely that something will go wrong. For this reason, you want to make sure that you have hard solid proof of everything that you’ve purchased. That way in the event that a hotel is overbooked or a flight is cancelled, you have easy access to all your confirmations. You are not guaranteed to have wifi or cell service at all times so don’t bank on your phone to be your tool for survival. Aside from having a hard copy of everything, make sure you’ve made the time to do some research. How will you get around? How far is one place from another? Will you need to fly or catch a train to the next city? These are questions you want to make sure you have answered BEFORE getting to your destination.

2. Packing

If there’s one key thing I’ve learned from traveling far and wide it’s how to pack. I used to be the biggest over-packer (and truly, I still am if we’re talking about weekend trips.) But when you’re traveling to Europe, less is more! Eurotrips involve lots of moving around from place to place and lugging around a big suitcase is hectic and just annoying. My advice would be to squeeze all your essentials in to one carry-on sized suitcase. If we’re talking specifics, neutral colors are a great idea when it comes to your clothes. I suggest no more than 3 pairs of pants/shorts depending on the time of year, two pairs of shoes (one for walking and one for going out) and a jacket!

3. Flexibility

Be flexible. If you want to enjoy it, ditch the role of the stressed out traveler who has everything planned to the hour. Things are bound to go wrong and you just gotta roll with it. When you travel such a far distance, the chances of something not working out the way you expected it to are much higher. The land, language, and culture are all foreign, you don’t want to add to that stress by expecting all things to go smoothly. To be honest, some of the coolest things I’ve seen while traveling were things that I just stumbled upon. Go into it with an open mind and willingness to change up the plans, if need be.

4. Escape Your Comfort Zone

Most importantly, get out of your comfort zone! To really experience a new place, you have to immerse yourself in the culture. Eat the food, take the train or the walk the couple of miles if that means seeing more. Take a shot at the language. Find out what the locals like to do and make it a point to try at least one of those things. Take a cooking class or check out the closest flea market. In other words, do all the things that you wouldn’t normally do. After all, traveling is so much more than just the tourist spots!


by Beeketing