4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay

Where you stay is a huge part of your travel experience. Although it’s likely that you won’t spend a great deal of time there, it’s nice to have a place of comfort to come back to after a long day of exploring. Despite the options of stay, hotels remain the most common choice amongst travelers. However, hotels can feel very foreign and overwhelming if you’re not a frequent traveler. Here are a few tips and tricks to help make your hotel experience premium.

1. Ask For An Upgrade

I’ve gotten lucky way more times than I imagined when asking for an upgrade at check in. Most of the time, if hotels aren’t completely booked out, they have no problem upgrading their guests to a nicer or bigger room for free. Just make sure to leave a great review in return! Don’t be shy to ask, the worst that can happen is getting no for an answer.

2. Unpack Your Suitcase

Something that always helps me start the trip off on the right foot is to unpack ALL my belongings. I’ve noticed that most people I travel with only unpack the obvious things, such as clothes that needs to be hung up and toiletries. A few years ago I started making sure my suitcase was empty by the time I left my room for the first time. Clothes in drawers and closets, toiletries in the bathroom, chargers plugged into outlets and valuables locked up in the safe. This small act makes the room feel just a little more home-y and makes me feel so much more relaxed. It sounds silly but I promise it makes all the difference!

3. Use The Concierge

I stand strong in the fact that the hotel staff are some of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to recommendations. Not only do they most likely live near the area your hotel is located in, they are specifically trained to help provide guests with ideas on what to do during their stay. I’ve discovered some of the best sights and restaurants through the concierge. Just let them know what kind of vibe you’re looking for and they’ll make the rest happen!

4. Stock Up On Snacks

Last but not least - snacks! Let’s be real, ain’t nobody got the funds to go crazy with the minibar or in-room snack options. Rather than investing in a $7 water bottle, make a stop at a local convenience store and stock up on your favorite snacks at the start of the trip. Whether it’s mid-day or late-night, you’re bound to make a stop or two back at your room throughout your stay. This way, you can enjoy your breaks with a little something to munch on. 

by Beeketing