When to Travel: Affordable vs Overpriced

Welcome to the first blog post of 2019! For TravelMo, a new year means new travel opportunities!

You’ve seen article after article about the “best time to travel” and you find yourself confused because the information seems to contradict. The reality is, there is never a “wrong time” to travel, it’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to spend. Here are my suggestions on when to travel broken down into two categories: affordable and overpriced.


Prices on airfare and hotels will start to lower during the beginning of a new year once school is back in session. Most people want to save their days off /PTO for later on in the year, so this is a great time to plan a quick get away! Keep in mind the weather may not be as favorable, but you won’t have to worry about long lines and too many tourists.

Aside from spring break, the spring season is one of the cheapest times to travel during the year! The next peak season won’t be until summer, so prices will stay low until then. I 100% recommend trying to plan a trip during this season. Most places are preparing for the summer chaos but you can still enjoy great weather at a decent price. You can even find some steals to get you overseas and on that Eurotrip you’ve been wanting to take! I booked my roundtrip flight to Barcelona for $550 in the spring!

If you’re looking for a fall getaway, consider traveling in September, October and early November (stay away from Thanksgiving). For students, parents and teachers, a new school year is underway, making things rather slow during these months. You can watch the leaves change colors and get that perfect Instagram shot for a good price.

Another very affordable time to travel is right at the beginning of December. Most people won’t be traveling until Christmas time. Beat the crowds but still enjoy the holiday vibe by booking a trip before the madness.

If your schedule allows for a few days off work, you can make your trip even cheaper by traveling on weekdays. Both flight and stay prices drop significantly during the week. You should also consider traveling right after major holidays. Airlines tend to lower their prices during this time and you’re sure to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Affordable months to travel: January, February, April, May, September, October,  November and beginning of December.


The very start of the new year is one of, if not the most expensive times to travel. The holidays may be over but school is still out and families are enjoying their vacations. You’ll find that traveling during that first week of January is going to cost you some big money.

Spring break, summer, and the holidays: these are the three most expensive times to travel. The common theme with these times of year is that a majority of people are able to travel without having to take days off work, so prices are extremely inflated. Summer and holiday traveling can be inevitable. If you’re planning to travel during these times, I urge you to plan as early as possible in order to save the most money.

During spring break the weather is on point in most places and this makes it enticing to travel. My advice would be simply don’t. You are overpaying for no reason at all! Bite the bullet and take some days off a few weeks later. You’ll be surprised how low the prices can be following those few weeks in March.

Overpriced months to travel: Beginning of January, March, June, July, August and December.

No matter what month you are able to travel in, the important thing is that you just do it! Traveling has introduced me to so many new experiences and ideas. I hope these tips will help you plan any travels you have your eyes set on for the coming year. 2018 has been a year of huge growth and new ambitions at TravelMo and we hope to bring you even more in 2019. Happy New Year everyone!!


by Beeketing