Charged Up

There’s no buzzkill like a low battery, especially when you’re traveling. I mean, your phone is basically your best travel buddy. How else are you going to snap a story, translate a language, or find the dankest spot to eat? Travel Talk is here to give you some tips on how to save your battery in the most efficient ways. That way, next time you take a trip, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Here are some ways to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible:

Google Maps:

Whether you’re team Apple Maps or team Google Maps, you’ll wanna join team Google while you're traveling. Google Maps includes a feature in which you can still get around without being connected to wifi or cellular data. In other words, you can use the GPS on your phone even while still on airplane mode. You’ll be able to create and download a custom map in order to access every route in and around your destination!

Now, you will need to be in WiFi when you’re setting the app up for your travels. Here’s a step-by-step on how to navigate this feature on the app:

  1. Search your destination
  2. Click the 3 horizontal lines at the top left
  3. Select “offline maps”
  4. Select “custom maps”
  5. Select the area you’ll be in using the rectangular perimeter
  6. Click download, save and your map is ready to use!

Settings hacks: Low battery mode, brightness, location services, background app refresh and notifications

You’ll want to make sure you’ve updated these settings before your next jet-set.

Most phones don’t give you the option to turn low battery mode on until you’ve already reached 10-20%. Don’t let your phone do that to you. Beat it to the chase by turning it on yourself under battery settings. While you’re at it, make sure your brightness has been turned down, this is your phones biggest battery drainer.

For you iPhone users- I also highly recommend turning off “background app refresh” during your travels. This feature is used to constantly refresh all of your apps when your phone is running. While this is nice when it comes to social media apps, it’s a big factor in battery life. Sacrifice it while you’re away! You can switch it off in your settings under “general”. 

Airplane mode:

Your phone is constantly searching for signal, so the further you travel, the more work your phone is putting in. Airplane mode has been an ultimate lifesaver during my trips! I keep it on almost 100% of the time. I can still record videos and take all the photos I want but I don’t have to deal with the let down of my phone dropping 10% by the minute. Now of course, if you try posting a story while your phone is on airplane mode, it’ll fail, but I’ll take a failed post over a dead phone any day. And not to worry, as soon as you’re in a wifi zone, you’ll be able to make the long awaited post!

Portable charger:

It’s obvious but absolutely necessary. Always keep a fully charged portable charger on deck! Also, make sure its a durable one. Some of the cheaper options tend to hurt your phone more than save it. Make it a habit to put it on the charger every night, just like you do with your phone. I recommend using the Away portable charger that comes with the luggage. It gives you the option to charge your phone at two different speeds. (more on this suitcase and why it’s my absolute favorite in a future post!)

With how much we all use our phones, battery inevitably gets low, but if you use these simple tips you’ll stay charged up for your adventures! As always, don’t stress, just #TravelMo.


by Beeketing