Eurotrip: Flying on a Budget

With the holidays wrapping up and the start of a new year, it’s time to start planning that long-awaited Eurotrip!

What most people don’t know is that flying out of cities in the northeast region of the U.S. can save you hundreds of dollars! Now of course, we don’t all live in cities like New York and Boston, so that’s where some research and time management come in. You’ll have to find an affordable flight out of your home city to one of these designated cities. Flying to Europe requires a layover anyways, this way you get to create your own.

Here is an example broken down for you (keep in mind prices vary depending on dates of travel):



Option A



$1100 - $1400

Option B





$550 - $1000

Option A includes a roundtrip flight from Houston to Amsterdam with a short layover. Option B includes two roundtrip flights: Houston to New York and New York to Amsterdam. As you plan to use this travel hack, keep these tips in mind.

  • Regardless of where you’re trying to go in Europe, the important thing is that you just get there. Once you’re there, flights between European countries are dirt cheap! So, if you want to go to Rome but find a cheaper route to Paris, book it and then find a flight from Paris to Rome!
  • You need to give yourself time to make it off the plane, and to your next gate. I suggest at least 3 hours. With flight delays and airport security, you just never know. And of course, don't forget to carry your bag on.
  • You probably want to fly out mid-day from your original location, that way you can sleep the whole way to Europe and arrive early in the morning!

Another option is to make a trip out of it and allow yourself a day or two in that city! Of course, this depends on how much you’re looking to ball out. These cities can be pretty pricey when it comes to stay. Boston and New York aren’t the only cities that you can do this with. Many cities in that region can give you the same prices but these two are almost guaranteed. As usual, if this is way too much for you to wrap your head around, let TravelMo take care of all the planning for you here. We already incorporate all the tips and tricks!


by Beeketing