How to Fight Jet Lag

While traveling long distances makes for the best experiences, there are some things that can be a serious buzzkill on your overseas trips. At the top of this list is the dreaded but unavoidable: jet lag. Dealing with jet lag can be a serious pain, which is why Trvl Talk is here to give you some tips on taking as much precaution as possible and (hopefully) beating jet lag!

First off, stay hydrated! Believe it or not, flying can make you super dehydrated due to a lack of humidity on airplanes. If you start drinking more water than you’re used to in the few days leading up to your trip, you’ll already be starting off on the right path. I usually pack a handful of liquid IV packets when I know I’m taking a long flight. However, a glass of water an hour is easier and just as beneficial!

Another bit of advice would be to do some research on the time zone your destination follows.  For example, what is the exact time difference and when does the sunrise/set. If you’re already aware of the day to day schedule in the place you’re going to, you can at least start mentally preparing. You can even take it as far as altering your home schedule to fit where you’re traveling. When I traveled to Asia (12 hour time difference!!!!!), I gradually started going to sleep and waking up at times that were closer to the ones I’d be dealing with when I got there. And yes, Melatonin was a big help when doing this. Obviously, we have lives/careers and this isn’t as easy to do for others but it’s an option that is definitely worth a try! 

If you aren’t able to begin adjusting your body before your flight, it’s not too late to start while in the air. Any bit of planning can go a long way. I suggest setting your clocks to your destinations time the moment you board, and following that time immediately, even if it means going to sleep a few minutes into the flight. That way, you can start getting your body used to the time change before you arrive. 

Whether you’re taking precaution in a small or drastic way- you will not regret it! Start your trip off right by saying goodbye to jet lag. 

by Beeketing