How to Plan an Affordable Summer Trip

When this blog post goes live, I'll be wrapping up my 2019 summer trip! Since I get summers off due to my job, I always try to go somewhere for an extended time (7-10 days). But the downside to having summers off is that it’s the most expensive time to travel. In the past, I’ve taken my trips in late May when it’s still quite affordable. But this year I was determined to go somewhere in July (smack down the middle of summer) and still keep it reasonably priced. Here’s how I made that happen:


The first thing I did was book my flight. I had my eye on South America so I looked into a couple countries and compared prices. I suggest doing some research on different destinations and seeing what flight prices are looking like and what dates work best for you. I booked my flight back in February. It’s hard to take the plunge when its still so far out, but you just have to do it. Don’t let a cheap flight get away! 5 months ahead was actually perfect timing and allowed me more time to spread out everything else.


Two months later, in April, I started booking my stay. By this time I had had enough time to pay off my flight, and I was ready to pick up with the planning. Hotel/Airbnb prices aren’t as volatile as flights. I had looked at prices back when I booked my flight just to have an idea, and months later prices were mostly the same. Spreading out the planning also gave me time to do research on the best areas/locations so I already knew where I wanted to be! Lucky for me, there were some really great hotels available for an affordable price. 


The last thing on my list was to book any tours/excursions at my destination. I booked a few different things spread out between the next two months. I did tons of blog reading and honestly felt a little overwhelmed by how much the cities I was visiting had to offer. It’s easy to feel like you want to book absolutely everything there is to do when you’re looking things up. I’m here to tell you to chill out with that. Pick ONE or maybe TWO things that you absolutely must do and book those, but don’t fill your plate before arriving. The reality is that you never know what can happen and it’s better to book the smaller tours once you’re already there! 

Planning my summer trip in this way was the best thing I could have ever done. It made it simple for me to pay things off slowly and save up for spending in the meantime, too! If you play your cards right, traveling in the middle of summer is 100% do-able. 

Tune in to the next Trvl Talk for a full recap on the trip!

by Beeketing