Keep Calm & "Carry-On"

I hear this question time and time again- to carry on or to check your bag? Let me give you the obvious answer fair and easy- CARRY THAT SHIT ON. Stop questioning it when the answer is obvious! Sure, it’s nice to walk through airport security empty handed and arrive at your gate carefree but the pros to carrying your luggage on to a flight will ALWAYS outweigh the cons. Some of you may be wondering if it's possible to carry-on for those longer trips, especially overseas. Yes, it is! I've taken trips to Europe and Asia for over 10 days with only a carry-on, but I'll give you more details on that in a future post.

There is nothing like that comforting feeling of knowing your things are in the compartment right above you. Once you check that bag in at the kiosk, you really have no idea where it’s headed and although the odds are in your favor, it’s never worth the risk. Carrying your bag on is much more time efficient. Why wait at a conveyor belt if you don’t need to? If you’ve been on an airplane before, you know how ready you are to get off when that plane lands. You also know that for some reason or another, people haven’t quite figured out how to get off in an efficient and timely manner. Waiting on your luggage just adds the dragging feeling and takes away from the excitement of arriving at your destination. When you carry on, you simply get off the plane and call your ass an Uber, you got somewhere to be.

For the longest time, the diva in me only checked my bag on trips. I’d heard the horror stories of lost luggage from friends and family but hey, ignorance is bliss. I loved the idea of not having to worry about anything except myself and my purse, but all it took was one bad experience for me to quickly change my mind. When traveling to Italy, I decided to carry my bag on because it had been banged up pretty badly at our previous stop. My best friends however, chose to check their bags. I didn’t blame them, considering we had quite the night in Barcelona (hangovers and airports don’t mix). When we arrived in Naples, our airline informed us that their luggage was still in Barcelona and could take up to THREE days to be sent to us. This is the actual last thing you want to hear when traveling, especially when you’re about to be ON THE AMALFI COAST.

We decided there was nothing we could do at that point and carried on with our trip. My friends truly made the most of the situation, but I could see the pain on their faces, especially the day we drove in to Positano. I mean, imagine being in the most gorgeous place on earth, in the middle of June, wearing the same sticky leggings and workout shirt that you’ve been in for three days. No instagrammable outfits. On the Amalfi Coast. A true tragedy, if you ask me. If you ask them, I can guarantee you their biggest regret to this day- is checking their suitcase at that Barcelona airport. We eventually got their suitcases back at our next stop but from that moment on I made a vow that I would never check my bag again, unless it was absolutely necessary.

So, if you’re someone who has never been personally victimized by a checked bag, do yourself a favor and learn from others who have, carry-on. 


by Beeketing