Packing for a Trip Abroad in a Carry-On

If you’ve been following along on the Travel Talk journey, you know by now that I’m a huge believer in carrying on over checking a bag. There’s a million reasons why, but you can read more on that here.

Most people can get stressed out at just the thought of a carry-on. Especially when it’s for a trip abroad, such as a Eurotrip. With summer arriving, I know that many people will take part in a longer vacation, so, I figured no better time than now to share with you how you can still pack in a carry-on for those longer trips!

Less is more. In today’s Instagram world, we all want to show off the cutest outfits so this will be the hardest and most painful part of the packing process (especially for all of us girls that just loooove to over pack). It’s so easy to over pack, but under- packing is a challenge even for the most experienced of travelers. Narrow down your choices by asking yourself if you can match it with a few other things, if it’s a one-wear item, leave it at home. Also, make sure you’re sticking to things you already feel comfortable in. If you’re already having doubts before leaving chances are it won’t be leaving your suitcase.


Pack neutral colors. Neutrals and basics are the ultimate key when it comes to packing for a long trip. They are the least noticeable and most flattering! They also make it easy to make different outfit combinations from. I recommend 2-3 pairs of shoes, as these take up the most room in your suitcase. One pair for walking, a pair for nightlife/going out and the ones you’ll wear to travel in. No matter where you’re going, I can guarantee there will be lots of walking involved! You can pair the sneakers with a cuter outfit, too. (hi, athleisure!) Pants don’t need to be washed as often as shirts, and can be worn more often back-to-back. I suggest one pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, and then a pair of dark/black jeans for a nicer look. Lastly, make sure to bring a light jacket- you’ll need it at some point or another.


Get organized. In order to maximize the space, start by wearing your bulkier items while you travel (bulky shoes, jacket). Remember, you’ll still need to fit your toiletry bag and undergarments. Some people find it easier to roll up clothes instead of folding them! I’ve also heard some really great things about packing cubes and compression sacks but have never personally used them. Look into those if you feel like they could be for you! Everyone is different, so do whatever works best for you but just make sure it’s making the most of the space that you’re working with. Think of it as a game of Tetris and make yourself a champion! Luckily, a majority of airlines allow your carry-on AND a personal item. Get a good sized backpack as your personal item, and stick all your extras inside it (snacks, medication, electronics, etc.).


If you’re wondering how I was able to fit all of that into a carry-on in the video above, the answer is Away Travel!! I invested in "The Bigger Carry-On" over a year ago and it was such a great financial decision. The suitcase has been to many trips with me and is yet to let me down. Seriously, it’s so spacious AND obviously cute as hell.

by Beeketing