The Most Useful Apps for the Modern Day Traveler

We live in the age of working smarter, not harder and our smartphones can take a lot of the credit for that! Specific to Travel Talk, they have simplified the way we travel forever. Whether you’re in the planning stage of your trip, or looking for some picture inspo once you’ve arrived- “there’s an app for that”. I’m rounding up the most useful (and free) apps that I keep in my travel folder year-round!


Hopper - Hopper is a great app for those who like to plan ahead. If you have a trip in mind, select your dates and destination and hopper will start tracking the flight prices for you. It will give you occasional updates with dates that prices are expected to drop/rise and let you know  whether you should keep waiting, or book a flight.


Currency - When traveling internationally, money conversions can get really confusing. This offline currency-converter app provides real time exchange rates worldwide. Search for the country you’ll be traveling to beforehand and you’ll have an easier time budgeting for your trip! (Extra tip: pre-order cash from your bank in order to get the best conversion rate.)


Airbnb - Airbnb is an obvious choice when it comes to finding a place to stay. However, as of recently, this app is providing that and more. Type in your destination to the search bar and surf through the app for their new features broken up into three categories- experiences, adventures, and restaurants. Choose from a variety of unique activities to make your trip one of a kind.


Trover - Trover is the photo app we all didn’t know we needed. It’s basically an Instagram for travelers. Made up of thousands of geo-tagged photos, this app will be your best friend once you’re at your destination. Especially, for all those “hidden gem” photos. Using your current location, Trover will pull up neary-by photos and give you the specific location of each one.


Mobile Passport - This skip-the-lineish app is a lifesaver for U.S. travelers returning to the country. Rather than completing all the customs and declaration forms on paper, this app allows you to get the job done straight from your phone. Once the forms are filled out and submitted, skip the line by following the “Mobile Passport” signs, scan your entry receipt and quickly speak with a customs officer. Easy, breezy.


Obvious but Necessary...

TripAdvisor - I use tripadvisor for all things food related. You may have some spots in mind prior to the trip but reality is hunger strikes at the most inconvenient times when traveling and you need to be ready. Avoid the hanger by turning on your current location and finding the top rated restaurants nearby!

Google Translate - Although not 100% grammatically accurate, doing a quick word search can get you out of that pickle and help you navigate through a foreign place.

Google Maps - Seriously, what did people do before GPS? I’m personally an Apple Maps girl on a day-to-day basis, but Google Maps is available offline and therefore takes the cake in the traveling world.
by Beeketing