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As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned that the airline you fly plays a huge part in your overall experience. If you don’t travel much, you want comfort and great customer service when you do. If you travel often, then you may search for the cheapest way to get somewhere, and put comfort on the back burner. The experience you’re looking for differs from trip to trip but it’s always crucial to know the airline you’re flying with. TrvlMo has a handful of airline favorites and I’m breaking them down below!

Basic Economy - American Airlines: Basic economy is the new craze. Many airlines are offering cheaper flights as long as you’re okay with some restrictions. American is one of the few airlines that makes basic economy feel just like economy. Most airlines offering basic economy only allow a personal item when booking. With American basic, you can still bring a carry-on bag and a personal item on board with you at no additional cost. Not to mention the airplanes are comfortable/spacious and their entertainment options are usually on point. 

Domestic - Southwest Airlines: I cannot say enough good things about Southwest Airlines. If it were up to me, I would solely fly with them. From their affordable prices to user friendly app/website, Southwest never disappoints. Other than their free cancellations, no change fees and free checked bags, I think what makes them stand out the most is their one-of-a-kind customer service. Many airlines make customers feel like they are only that- customers. Southwest takes pride in their passengers and makes them feel at ease in every situation. Even when I’ve had delays or cancellations with them, they are helpful and offer some sort of compensation in return. Airlines that genuinely care get an A+ in my book! 

Budget Airline - Spirit: While there’s a lot of stigma around Spirit, I am yet to have a bad experience with them. I think the problem lies in the fact that so many people book with them expecting top notch service. The reality is that if it were luxurious and convenient, it wouldn’t be as cheap as it is. Flights with Spirit include the bare minimum. You and a personal item. Yes, that means you will have to pay extra for anything more than that. I usually lean towards paying a chunk more for another airline but when Spirit is significantly cheaper I don’t ever hesitate. Overall, it’s totally worth it! Especially if it’s for just a short flight. 

International - Aeromexico: You may be hearing about this Airline for the first time, but I assure you it’s worth knowing about. I’ve been flying Aeromexico for as long as I can remember. I’ve flown with them somewhere as close as Mexico and as far as Europe. Like Southwest, their customer service is 10/10. Recently, I missed a connection flight while flying with them. They were so helpful in finding me a new flight and even comped a hotel room along with a breakfast voucher. Traveling can be such a pain sometimes, so you want to make sure you’re flying with an airline that’s going to do the most for you in a not-so-great situation. To add to it, their movie selection is seriously THE best and they give you headphones and a blanket for your flight! 

The following airlines get honorable mentions because although I’ve only flown them a few times, my experience with each one is notable. If you ever catch one of these airline names while searching for a flight, don’t think twice- they’re TrvlMo approved! 

Honorable mentions from the TrvlMo Team:

EasyJet - For a low budget airline, EasyJet takes the cake. They have a user-friendly app which most other airlines of it’s kind aren’t offering. This is a huge thing I look for when I’m traveling. Modern-day travelers want to make the process at the airport as easy as possible and a solid app is key. What I really love the most is that they offer a discount when you purchase multiple flights at once. They are a great airline to travel with when you’re traveling through Europe! Mohammad Elsaadi, CEO & Co-Founder

Virgin - Virgin Airlines blows the rest out of the water with all of its vibes. They’ve got dope music as you’re walking up to the plane and a friendly staff waiting to meet you. On board, you’ll find an endless selection of games and a unique “secret chat” feature that allows you to chat with other passengers! The food is also better than most airlines and the lighting on board is perfect for that necessary plane selfie. Sha Khorshidpanah, Co-Founder

Emirates - I’m all about experience on a flight and Emirates is doing it right. From the moment you book with them, the customer service is helpful in making sure your flight is amazing. The seats are comfortable, in-flight entertainment is premium and food is continuously being served throughout the flight. What more is there to ask for? Ali Elsaadi, CTO

All Nippon Airways - My favorite airline that I have ever flown. The airplanes are SO nice that flying economy felt like first class! The airplanes are super spacious, the food is actually good and the entertainment is solid. Unfortunately, this airline is only in Asia and harder to come by but if you’re planning an Asian adventure- this is the airline you need to book with. Ivana Smith, Editor in Chief

by Beeketing