Welcome to Scottsdale

I recently took a weekend trip to the swanky city of Scottsdale- sun, palm trees, cacti and all the vibes. Although I would mostly recommend this as a great place for a bachelor/bachelorette or boys/girls weekend, it’s an excellent destination for any occasion! My only advice would be to avoid going in the middle of the summer, temperatures are extremely hot making hard to do a lot of outdoor activities! 

With that being said, I went in the summer time and still had the best time. My girlfriends and I were looking for a last minute, budget friendly LDW getaway and Scottsdale just happened to check all the boxes. Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend:


Hotel Valley Ho - We stayed at this staple hotel and absolutely loved it. It has a retro feel to it with some great photo-ops. However, I would probably say this hotel was only in our budget because we didn’t go during a peak season. It’s known as the “Beverly Hills” hotel of Scottsdale. There are alot of other great places to stay in the area but we wanted to treat ourselves to something a little more fancy and it was totally worth it!

Desert Botanical Garden - A beautiful scenic adventure for all travelers! This garden is full of everything Arizona is known for. You can make the experience as long you want while you wander through the cactus gardens and soak in the desert feels. Cost is $25!

Pool Parties - A big part of the Scottsdale hype is centered around the pool parties. We hit up the W pool at first, but it was a little to “spring break” for our taste. If you’re looking for an all out party though- this might be the right one for you! Our hotel (Hotel Valley Ho) was a little more low key but still had a sick DJ and drink specials! Some other recommendations that we did not have the time for are The Phonician and The Saguaro.

5th Avenue - I’ve mentioned before, it’s not a trip for me without some shopping. 5th Avenue is in the center of Scottsdale and is lined with local shops. There is everything from jewelry and handbags to antique shops and clothing boutiques. Make sure to stop by here for things you won’t find at a mainstream retailer!


Diego Pops - A GREAT insta spot with good mexican food and tasty drinks. Make sure to show up before you’re hungry because there’s always a wait!

RnR - This is for you if you’re looking for a party vibe while eating brunch. A mostly outdoor bar with a variety of food options and bottomless dranks!

Farm and Craft - A healthier yet absolutely delicious option for breakfast/brunch. Make sure to try the Kombucha cocktail! 

Sugar Bowl - A wonderful choice for a dessert pit stop. Whether you want a scoop of ice cream or a dank shake, this place has you covered.

Montauk - If you’re looking for a vibey + boozy brunch, this is your spot. The atmosphere is fun with a tad bit of boujee.

Original ChopShop - Located on 5th avenue and highly recommended for a quick juice or snack before heading to the next activity!


Old Town - Unexpectedly, Old Town may be the craziest bar area I’ve ever experienced. If I had to describe it- I’d see it’s 6th street in Austin meets Las Vegas, Nevada. There are a ton of bars and clubs to hop around including Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row and the energy level is HIGH, making a 100% chance of having a badass time!

Overall, Scottsdale is a great place to chill out, relax and party the night (and day) away. For those of you looking into that next bro trip or girls weekend away, this city will not disappoint!

by Beeketing