A Weekend in Seattle

It was a solid weekend in Seattle and Travel Talk is ready to recap all the highlights to get you ready for your future trip to Emerald City. We didn’t get a chance to visit the national parks/do the outdoorsy things due to the weather, but we found that the city has a ton to offer within its downtown area!

After catching a 6 am flight from Houston, we kicked off our trip by taking the Link Light Rail from the airport into the city so we could get that local feel. Our hotel was right in the middle of downtown so it was a 45 minute ride (10-12 stops depending on where you’re staying). If you have time to spare this option will save you some money, a one way ticket is just 3 dollars! Even though it was a 4 hour flight, we arrived at 8 am thanks to the time change and had a full day to conquer. After checking in, we walked to the heart of Seattle, Pike’s Place.


Pike’s Place: Out of all the markets I’ve visited around the world, this one is at the top of my list and probably my favorite thing about the trip! It’s located right off the waterfront, overlooking Elliot Bay and is one of the oldest running public markets in the nation! We found ourselves coming back to it a few times throughout the day and discovering something new each time. It’s atmosphere is friendly and lively and you can find everything from food and local jams to art and handmade jewelry. Here are a few of my faves:

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese - the actual greatest mac and cheese I have ever tried (and I’m a HUGE cheese gal)

    Piroshky Piroshky - sweet and savory Russian bakery, just the smell of this place will have your stomach full of joy
    Seattle Bagel Bakery - the best lox bagel your mouth will ever taste
    Daily Dozen Doughnuts - bite-sized and deliciously baked doughnuts for the perfect snack on the go

      I’m a big believer that you see the most gems in a city when you’re walking and soaking it in, so we made sure to walk as much as we could! Not to mention we probably consumed more food than we should have, so the exercise helped us feel (a little) better about ourselves. During our walking adventures, we stopped by some neat places including the Space Needle and Kerry Park, two absolute must do’s for a view of the city. Here's a list of my favorites from the weekend:

      Space Needle: the Space Needle is home to a huge part of the Seattle history, it was built in under a year for the World Fair and symbolized a “futuristic” world. (Fun fact: The Jetson’s was based off this structure!) You can get some great photos, even on a rainy day, from a cool 605 feet up.

      Starbucks: Starbucks and Seattle go hand in hand. The history of Starbucks starts in the center of Pike’s Place market with the OG location. While there are plenty of other places offering delicious coffee, this old school vibe is a must see for any Starbucks lover. However, don’t let the experience stop there! Seattle is also home to a unique tasting room located about a 20 minute walk from the original shop. In this tasting room you’ll have a front row seat to the roastery and brewing of a variety of coffee beans. Enjoy a coffee flight and some pastries that are unique to this reserve room.

      Kerry Park: If you want a free alternative to a gorgeous view of the city skyline, Kerry Park is the answer. Beware though, if you decide to walk, it is a freakin’ trek. We had no idea it would be such an inclined path but it was worth every step!

      Shopping: Seattle might have some of the best shopping I’ve seen! All major retail stores are located within walking distance giving downtown a bit of an outdoor mall feel. I’m a huge sucker for Norsdtrom and this multi-level flagship store is the nicest and most organized Nordstrom I have ever stepped foot in! It was like a mini Disney-world for me (so lame, I know). The Columbia and Patagonia stores were both located in dope buildings and had a huge variety of winter and rain gear available. We also visited the nation’s newest gem of a store, AmazonGo. I’ll be honest though, aside from the badass concept, this store was a huge let down. Still visit it, but don’t have too high of expectations!

      To wrap it up, I’ve listed some dank spots that you don’t want to leave without trying because everyone knows that no trip is complete without some good food.

      Hello Robin - The ONLY place we drove to and let me tell you it was one thousand percent worth it. Not only were these the most amazing cookies I have ever tried, the cherry on top was that they were gluten-free AND vegan!

        Pink Door - the cutest restaurant located right behind a pink door! We were able to squeeze in a reservation for a late lunch one day but if you’re going for a weekend brunch or dinner vibe (live trapeze action included) make a reservation about a month out. Oh and PS- order the Bolognese.
        Sugar + Spoon - a mobile food truck offering safe-to-eat cookie dough. We need one of these in Houston ASAP.
        Hot as Pho - perfect for a cold and rainy day and SO yummy!

          While there were some key things we did not get to experience due to the time of year/weather, this was by far one of my favorite cities and we will DEFINITELY be back. Don’t let traveling in the winter discourage you. This city has so much to offer even if it’s just a weekend getaway! 

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          by Beeketing