Where to Stay: Airbnb or Hotel?

One of the most burning questions of travel in 2019- Airbnb or hotel? Airbnb has changed the way that people travel. For some, the convenience of the peer-to-peer network makes it the obvious answer. For others, however, the amenities and concierge are the way to go. If you ask me though, it really depends on multiple factors such as the type of trip, where you’re going, and how many people you’re traveling with. I am personally a huge fan of both! This week I’m breaking down what separates the two from each other, and how to decide what’s best for you.


Let’s start with Airbnb. If you’re looking for the most local feel, this will always be your answer. You can find some amazing homes tucked away in unique neighborhoods surrounded by authentic bars and restaurants. Airbnb is also much easier when traveling with larger groups (more than 4 people). You have the freedom to do as you please and you won’t have to worry as much about things like noise complaints or shared rooms. The most attracting factor to an Airbnb is the price. It is definitely the cheaper alternative since you’re likely to be splitting it amongst more people. One night at an Airbnb may be the same price as a night at a hotel, but it’ll have more bedrooms! You can get all the people you’re traveling with under one roof and still pay a decent price.

Like with most things, there are also some downsides to this new travel phenomenon. Unlike hotels where you can pay for all your charges at check out, you’ll have to pay for your Airbnb stay right upfront. Many hosts have strict policies when it comes to cancelling. Not to mention they can be the ones to cancel on you if something comes up! Another issue (while very understanding) is that you don’t know the exact location of the home until after you’ve booked. Trust issues are real. Do some research on the general locations listed for the home before you make a decision!


While hotels might seem a little old school, there’s a handful of reasons why it’s still the most popular means of stay for a traveler. Number one reason is location. Hotels (especially big chain names) have an exact address and tend to be in a prime location. If you’re someone who likes to walk to the biggest attractions and hot spots, a hotel might be your best and safest option. You’ll get the luxury of the concierge helping you out with any advice or questions you have about the area too! There is very little that you have to do when you’re staying at a hotel so it’s easier to get a true vacation feel. I mean, who doesn’t love coming home to a freshly clean room after a day of soaking in a new city? Hotel life is perfect for you and your significant other.

The disadvantage to staying in a hotel is that the amount of space you get is much smaller for a heftier price. While you’ll have privacy inside your room, everything outside of it is pretty chaotic and crowded. Thin walls make it easy to hear every little thing your neighbors are up to and we all know housekeeping has the worst timing!

Where you stay plays a major key in your overall experience, it all comes down to the vibe you’re searching for. I’m a big believer in mixing it up with each trip! Every city has something unique to offer including different areas and neighborhoods. As always, don’t stress, just #TravelMo.


by Beeketing